Frequently asked questions

About us

Hi, I am Jessica, founder of Parent Day Out.

Each FAQ topic focuses on the most commonly asked questions we receive from center owners and directors.

So, about us ...

We launched Parent Day Out with the explicit goal of supporting the evolving childcare needs of families, and to help early education schools fill empty seats and generate additional income.

This has been an incredibly difficult year for all stakeholders of the childcare ecosystem, and we saw a real need for someone to step in, and help.

We realize that the Parent Day Out service is new, and that you have questions about how it works and about how it can give your business a boost.

Answering your questions is what the FAQ section is all about. And if you have a question to which you cannot find an answer, simply drop us a note at [email protected].

How we help schools

We can help your school in two primary ways:

1. through your Parent Day Out School Profile, we showcase everything that makes your school special and unique, in order to boost interest in your facility.

2. through the Parent Day Out booking service, we help your center fill empty seats, boost student enrollment, and generate additional income.

Generate income

Parent Day Out is a childcare booking service, that helps parents carve out free time, while helping schools generate additional income.

Think of your center along the lines of an AirBnB Host, with neighborhood families as your paying guests.

For example, let’s say a center director wishes to host a Parent Day Out event for a ½ on Monday, a full-day on Wednesday or for 2 hours on Thursday? No problem.

Or perhaps a center owner is feeling entrepreneurial and wishes to host a Parent Day Out on Saturday, for a date night? Again, no problem. Scheduling of events is completely up to you.

With the Parent Day Out service, the entire week is your playground.

Fill empty seats

Once your school has scheduled a Parent Day Out event, for example, Monday 8am to 12pm, parents can start making reservations.

Eligibility guidelines are completely under your discretion, and as such, you can open up the service to all neighborhood families or instead, limit attendance to only currently enrolled families.

The booking process if fully automated, with parents able to manage all appointments online.

Additionally, all payments and refunds are processes directly through our platform. And because plans can change, parents can cancel their appointment up to 24 hrs in advance of the reservation start time.

Request a demo

If you would like a demo of the Parent Day Out booking service, to see firsthand how it can help your school generate additional income, contact us at [email protected] and a member of our team will be in touch.

Because of how easy it is to set-up and manage the service, demos can typically be completed in less than 15 minutes.

About host facilities

Parent Day Out events are hosted by participating childcare centers, who we call Hosts.

Think of your center along the lines of an AirBnB Host, with neighborhood families as your paying guests.

Each Host Facility tailors the Parent Day Out service to the specific needs of its families, including service schedule, service cost and eligibility.

It’s your business, you’re in charge, so you make the rules.

About PDO events

The Parent Day Out booking service packages center-based childcare into short-term service sessions (i.e. PDO events), that parents can reserve in advance or on the fly.

Think of your center along the lines of an AirBnB Host, with neighborhood families as your paying guests.

As a Host Facility, you make the rules, with full control to tailor the Parent Day Out service to the specific needs of your families.

For maximum flexibility, participating centers can host a Parent Day Out both during and outside of traditional care hours, including weekdays, evenings, weekends, or even holidays.

Additionally, events can be managed as one-off experiences, or offered to families on an ongoing basis.

It’s your business, you’re in charge, so you make the rules.

About event staffing

Staffing for PDO events is provided by the Host Facility.

How many teachers you allocate to cover a given event is completely up to you.

Whatever you choose, we have your back, as our booking engine tracks all incoming reservations, and will not permit the number of attending kids to exceed mandated teacher:child ratios.

Our business model

We make money through a revenue share with our Host Facilities, with a typical split being 80/20.

As far as payout options, a number of methods are available, with each Host choosing a method that works best for them.

And remember, it costs nothing for your school to join. Parent Day Out is all about helping you make money.

We can only be successful if you are successful!

Claim school listing

To claim your school listing, find your profile and look for the button marked "Is this your school?"

Once claimed, here are some tips for making your profile really shine:

1. highlight all the things that make your school special and unique and add key operating details that parents are always inquiring about.

2. add high quality photos to showcase your classrooms, teachers and play areas.

3. detail your COVID-19 response, highlighting all the steps you have taken to help protect students, teachers, and families

Manage school listing

As we discussed, the Parent Day Out service is all about helping your school fill empty seats, boost enrollment and generate additional income.

So, after claiming your school profile, the next step is to take a look at your Parent Day Out Service Dashboard.

This dashboard is your control panel, through which you manage all aspects of the Parent Day Out service including schedule, cost and eligibility.

Think of it as your personal sandbox, and it’s there for you to explore. And if you need help, have questions, or would like a demo, our customer support team is only a click away.