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Parent day out is an event hosting platform built specifically to support the event planning and event management needs of early education schools. To get started, find your facility:
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About Parent Day Out
The Parent Day Out platform supports the event hosting needs of early education schools, including childcare centers, franchisers, corporations and non-profits.
Our service helps schools both manage and monetize their events calendar, creating a brand-new revenue stream for your facility.
And because of how flexible the service is, schools can offer Parent Day Out events right alongside and as a complement to their traditional programs.
How it works
Schedule an event
Set attendance eligibility
Start welcoming families
Schools can tailor Parent Day Out events to the specific needs of their families, including event schedule, cost, and attendance eligibility.
Each event can be managed as a one-off experience or offered to families on a recurring basis. It's 100% up to you.
And depending on the need, schools can host families both during or outside of traditional care hours. The entire week is your playground.
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Host facilities enjoy various payout options, with each choosing a payment method that works best for them.
And as far as ideas for Parent Day Out events, here are some popular choices:
Parent date night, Parent day out, Momcation, Staycation, Hosted playdates
50,000 students
20% of students
3 hours
$20/hr per child
Currently enrolled + network


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