• Willoughby United Methodist Preschool

Parent Day
Out Service

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      Parents rate school performance across distinct service categories, which are then combined to arrive at an overall facility rating

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      Management ---
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      Responsiveness ---
      Care quality ---
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      Drop-off & pick-up ---
      Meals ---

    • Book a Parent Day Out

      Book an appointment, drop-off the kids and enjoy! Each Host Facility tailors the Parent Day Out service to the specific needs of its families, including service schedule, cost, and eligibility.

    • Host facility:

      Willoughby United Methodist Preschool

    • Eligibility: ---

    • Ages served: ---

    • Service schedule: ---

    • Service status:

      Parent Day Out service not yet available

    • Facility Spotlight

    • Operating
      & fees
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      & amenities
    • Facility type: Daycare center
    • Daycare centers are state licensed and regulated. They are required to follow basic health and safety requirements and unlike private and public schools, typically have a 12-month school year
    • Affiliation(s): Christian
    • Play-based learning
    • Children are encouraged to actively explore and connect with the world around them
      • Operating details

    • School year: year-round
    • Years in business: 10+ yrs
    • Ages served: 0 - 5yrs
    • Enrollment capacity: ---
    • № of classrooms: ---
    • Holiday schedule:
    • Independence day, Labor day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, New Year's day, Memorial day
    • If a holiday falls on a weekend, it will be observed on either Friday or Monday. In addition to holiday closures, facility may dedicate time for professional development. Please contact facility for details.
    • Teacher:child ratios: view
    • Per regulatory requirements, these are the minimum caregiver to child ratios that this facility must maintain
    • Student immunizations form: view
    • Per regulatory requirements, this facility must keep student health records on file, including age-appropriate immunizations
    • Staff background checks: performed
    • Background checks performed prior to employment typically include criminal history, fingerprints, child abuse and neglect registry, sex offender registry
    • Sick child exclusion: 101 fever or higher
    • Per regulatory requirements, this facility may not permit children exhibiting illness symptoms to remain at the center
      • Tuition & fees

    • Monthly tuition: ---
    • Tuition is typically not exempt or prorated in cases of: 1. child absences (e.g. sick days, vacations) 2. holiday closures 3. severe weather closures
    • Sibling discount
    • Sibling discount is available. For details, contact facility
    • Application fee: ---
    • To complete enrollment, parents must return all requisite forms and pay the required enrollment fees
    • Enrollment application: ---
    • Required enrollment documents:
    • Required documents must be submitted before the first day of classroom attendance. These include, but may not be limited to:
    • Enrollment application, Enrollment agreement, Tuition agreement, Child photograph, Parent / family photograph, Authorized release form, Child health record, Certificate of immunization
      • Features & amenities

    • Indoor play space: at least 35 sq ft per child
    • Special accommodations: ADD, Allergies
    • Potty training
    • Stroller storage
    • Outdoor play
    • Bus service
    • Uniforms
    • Weekend service
    • NWaitlist
    • Applications to be added to the waitlist are accepted year-round. There may be an application fee when waitlists apply.
    • Naptime
    • Younger children typically have quiet time following lunch, and are encouraged to sleep. Older children, who choose not to nap, are provided with quiet time. Children may bring a comfort item from home to help them rest.

    • COVID-19 Response

      See what the facility is doing to ensure the safety of staff, children and families.

      As a precautionary measure, children exhibiting the following symptoms may not be admitted



      virus-iconDifficulty breathing

      virus-iconShortness of breath

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    • Coffee shops: 3 Startbucks found nearby startbucks
    • Avg daily temperature: 51° fahrenheit
    • Heat index: 10% (% of days during the yr when temperature can be expected to exceed 77°) sun