What is a Parent Day Out?

The Parent Day Out Platform is the brainchild of a NYC mom, who has reimagined the age-old concept of a parent day out, transforming it into a brand-new childcare service.

With licensed daycare centers in the role of hosts and families as their guests, Parent Day Out packages center-based childcare into snackable, bite-size bits of time that families can reserve in advance or in a pinch.

The booking process is fully automated with both parents and schools able to manage all appointments online.

Air Out with Parent Day Out

Do you need to run errands? Are you working from home or working irregular hours? Or do you need to carve out some personal time?

We can help. Simply book an appointment, drop-off the kids and enjoy your Parent Day Out.

Service is available during and outside of traditional care hours, including weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

School Explorer

Research schools near you

Find the best fit for your family

With over 100,00 searchable facility profiles across the US, parents can now get answers to their most pressing questions at a click of a button.

Each childcare facility showcased on our platform is accompanied by an in-depth profile, along with parent submitted reviews.

Neighborhood Spotlight

Considering a move?

Get to know what the area is really like

Neighborhood Spotlight provides families with a birds-eye view of a neighborhood, capturing what the area is really like.

If your family is considering a move, Neighborhood Spotlight delivers critical insights that all parents need in order to make an informed relocation decision.

Metrics covered include: cost of living, quality of living, political lean, demographics, real estate costs, work commute time and much more.