My Story

By Jessica Perno, Founder

Becoming a new mom

As with many new parents, the first few months after my daughter was born were a blur. Every day felt like the reincarnation of Monday and the concept of a relaxing weekend receded into distant memory.

As the days rolled on, carving out even a few minutes of personal time became progressively more difficult and even though I did not say it out loud, deep down I started to feel alone and overwhelmed.

An opportunity

What was interesting, was that living in NYC, I was virtually surrounded by daycare centers on every block.

These centers were packed to capacity Monday to Friday and yet, in a city with a population density of over 50,000 people per square mile, not a single one stayed open to provide service outside of typical care hours, such as evenings or weekends.

Not a single one!

My eureka moment

My eureka moment occurred one Friday evening in NYC. That day, I was sitting on my living room couch and the thought of another Saturday morning errand run weighed down by shopping bags, baby supplies and a stroller filled me with absolute dread and anxiety. With no extended family nearby, getting back-up help even for a few hours seemed like a pipe dream.

And at that moment, I looked out of the window and something caught my eye. I looked again and, in a flash realized that the help that my family so desperately needed was right in front of me ... that being my local daycare center.

A glimpse into the future

And then it hit me ...

There were thousands of licensed centers across the US perfectly positioned to provide the Parent Day Out Service to their communities. What was missing was a reservation system that efficiently connected families with participating daycare facilities.

We launched to be that platform.