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About us
We showcase over 90K early education schools, including childcare centers, nurseries, preschools, and private schools.
Each school is accompanied by an interactive facility profile containing everything you need to know about the school.
Additionally, each profile is powered by our smart-chat capability, giving parents an easy way to submit enrollment questions and book school tours.

Parent Day Out for Business

Inventor of the Parent Pass

Childcare Benefits Reimagined
PDO is the premier marketplace for connecting businesses with childcare facilities.
Companies partner with us for the purposes of extending childcare perks to their customers and childcare benefits to their employees.
To facilitate the Parent Pass Program for our Clients, our team scouts childcare facilities, ring fences the required childcare spots and service schedules, and negotiates all service and payment terms.
Parent Pass as a Customer Perk
Parent Pass makes it incredibly convenient for your customers to do business with you and with its versatility, it can accommodate customers in almost any industry. It is a premium perk that: — Boosts your bottom line — Elevates your customer experience — Facilitates brand loyalty — Differentiates your business, improving its competitiveness and marketability
Parent Pass as an Employee Benefit
By sponsoring childcare benefits employers improve employee retention and loyalty, boost employee morale, increase their productivity, and reduce absenteeism. In addition: — Childcare benefits are a great recruitment, retention and public relations tool — Company sponsored childcare assistance is a tax deductible business expense
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