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About Parent Day Out
Our mission is to support the childcare needs of parents by making it easy for moms and dads to carve out personal time when they need it.
We do this by giving schools the tools to host Parent Day Out events, such as date nights and play dates, which parents can book as needed.
The booking process is fully automated, with parents able to track and manage all appointments online.
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1. Select an event
1. Select an event
2. Reserve your spot
2. Reserve your spot
3. Bring the kids
3. Bring the kids
4. Enjoy your Parent Day Out
4. Enjoy your Parent Day Out
How it works
Each school tailors Parent Day Out events to the specific needs of their families, including event schedule, cost, and attendance eligibility.
Once a school has scheduled an event, families can start making reservations directly through the Parent Day Out platform.
And if your plans change, and you need to cancel a reservation, you can do so online as well.
It’s a win win win
Parents get some much needed personal time
Kids get to play and learn in a fun environment, overseen by professionals.
Childcare centers get to provide an invaluable service to their families, while generating additional revenue.
" All parents need a break! The Parent Day Out service makes it easy for moms and dads to carve out personal time when they need it. "
Find childcare near you
Each daycare center, nursery, preschool and private school showcased on the Parent Day Out platform is accompanied by an in-depth operational profile.
And with over 100,00 searchable facility profiles, parents can now get answers to their most pressing enrollment questions, at a click of a button.
How to get started
Claim your school
Schedule an event
Start welcoming families
Learn more
Find your facility


Become a PDO sponsor

Learn about the benefits of becoming a Parent Day Out Sponsor.

Sponsors can engage with parents in brand-new ways, such as extending special offers to parents booking a Parent Day Out.

Drop us a note and a member of our team will be in touch to share more information.
COVID-19 Update
Children exhibiting the following symptoms may not be admitted
covid-19Extreme fatigue
covid-19Extreme fussiness
covid-19Difficulty breathing
covid-19Shortness of breath
covid-19Rapid breathing
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