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About us
We showcase over 90K early education facilities, including childcare centers, nurseries, preschools, and private schools.
Each facility is accompanied by an interactive profile containing in-depth operational details about the service provider.
Additionally, all facility profiles are powered by our smart-chat capability, giving parents an easy way to submit enrollment questions and book school tours.


About Parent Pass

We are the premier marketplace for connecting organizations with licensed and vetted childcare facilities for the purpose of extending childcare benefits to their families.

Parent Pass is 100% a plug & play.

Its implementation does not require any construction, the hiring of staff, any investment in technology or any administrative overhead on the part of the sponsoring organization.
Our Services

When your organization partners with us to implement its Parent Pass, we will:

work with your team to gather service requirements

scout for best-fit childcare facilities in your designated service area(s)

provide a curated list of service providers for you to select from

ring fence the required childcare service schedules

execute service agreements with your selected providers

partner with your organization to help market and promote the service (optional)

reimburse childcare facilities for services provided

support parents with a fully automated, online booking flow (+ dedicated customer support)

deliver monthly activity reports to the designated PoC within your organization (optional)

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